New WD Data Screens

You are about to use the new style of listing I am implementing for Large tables / Stock list's of Steam Loco's

The resulting script is designed to make life simpler for those with smaller screens and more flexable in how you view the results

Your initial view will reveal that some of the columns are no longer on view ie: Disposal Details, Notes, CME, & Last Updated

The first Two because they take up a lot of screeen real estate on a small low definition screen The second two because they are not critical to the informaation provided
However if you look at the bottom left of your screen you will see a line that reads
Additional Fields (+)Disposal  (+)Notes  (+)Cme  (+) Date Mod
Clicking on any of the options will add that column to your screen but make it harder to read (as it always has been)
To remove just click it again. All four are toggles
Please also note you can adjust the text size of your screen by using (Control Minus)for reduce text and (Control Plus) to enlarge text
You should also see a white bar with red text informing you of this option near the top of your screen